RESQ industry & outdoor is a family business specialized in providing professional technical rope rescue and confined space rescue training. We are based in the Netherlands and operate globally.

With our standard and tailored courses, we provide training to emergency services, industrial companies and tactical services.

The instructors are operationally experienced and qualified by international recognised organizations. We adhere best practice to the highest and most up to date standards, regulations and legislations. To exchange knowledge and continuous learning we join international rescue competitions.

We aim to provide high level and realistic training with solutions which are working!

ITRA Founding Sponsor

RESQ industry & outdoor is one of the first training companies in Europe with a certified ITRA instructor & assessor. We deliver several ITRA rescue qualification programs.

“The International Technical Rescue Association is a global non-profit that provides global recognition of technical rescue practitioners and instructors, across a wide range of rescue disciplines”.

Furthermore, our head trainer is a certified instructor by the Institute of fire and disaster prevention in Heyrothsberge/Germany to deliver special rescue training in line with the EUSR learning aim’s (European Union Special Rescue).